Who We Do It For


Trevor Mather was appointed as the new Chief Executive of Auto Trader in the Autumn of 2013. Bringing together a new wider leadership team in order to develop and lead a new strategy and a change in culture was a critical step in his first few months of tenure. We facilitated three leadership team events enabling Autotrader to gain clarity on their Purpose, Strategic Priorities and Critical Success Factors. More than that we supported the Operational Leadership Team in building a strong sense of trust setting the tone of an open, humble, determined, curious, reliable and inspirational culture. As a result of the success of this work with the leadership team we subsequently worked with the Sales Director and her team, the Technology & Infrastructure Director and her team and Carzone in Ireland, again with the MD and his team, and in developing the country’s sales team’s personal resilience.
"Terry-Russell Ltd has worked with several teams across our business, including our Leadership Team, and been a huge hit. Their approach is transformative; They get teams to dig deep below the surface, so then they can truly climb mountains together. Thanks for a brilliant job!"

Joanne Walker People Director