Who We Do It For

 Bath Building Society

"I picked Terry-Russell Ltd to do a teambuilding day with my Senior Team on the strength of an event I had personally attended a few years before, and a great presentation I saw at a conference.

Within the space of an hour on our opening session, through the simplest of tasks set, my management team understood the team’s strengths and weaknesses in a way that was truly revealing, and which might have otherwise taken weeks.
A lot of good learning went on that day and we came away with a renewed sense of purpose, a better appreciation of who we all were individually and collectively, and some real tools to help us perform better. And it was great fun. It goes without saying that we have worked with Terry-Russell Ltd since, and doubtless, will again."Dick Jenkins CEO

Bath Building Society were one of our first clients and we are very proud of our ongoing relationship with them. We first worked with them in 2012 facilitating a series of senior executive workshops enabling the team to have a clearer sense of purpose and how they could lead the performance of the business whilst retaining the culture and values of a traditional building society. In 2016 we embarked on a new piece of work; supporting the leadership team in developing a culture that can best be described as ‘a great place to work’.