Creating High Performance Cultures

Clients often ask us to support them in creating high performance cultures. We always ask the same question, why? What’s the purpose of the culture you want to create and what measurable outcomes will it deliver?

Once that’s clear, we move on to determining exactly how people will behave and perform and most importantly how leaders will role model the culture. Because that’s what culture is; how people behave. That’s how we see it, feel it and measure it. And how people behave is influenced by two things; their internal ‘drivers’; their values, beliefs, motivations and abilities, and by the environment in which they operate. These environmental ‘drivers’ include: 

  • The organisations purpose and values
  • Leadership behaviour (role modelling)
  • How people are rewarded
  • Their capability (how they are developed)
  • Role clarity
  • Systems, Processes & procedures
  • Recognition
  • Metrics (how people are measured)
  • Recruitment