Creating High Performance Cultures

Clients often ask us to support them in creating high performance cultures. We're curious as to what this means to them.  What is 'culture' and what is 'high performance'?

For us culture can best be described as what people do and how they do it (when the boss isn't watching!).  How people behave in an organisation is based upon two things

  1. Internal ‘drivers’; their values, beliefs, motivations and capabilities
  2. Environmental 'drivers'; These fall into two catagories; the explicit (the organisations strategy, how people are rewarded,the  systems, processes & procedures etc), and the implicit (stories, legends, shared symbols).

High Performance we belive is not only what people deliver (their output) but how the deliver it (their inputs).  These should be aligned to both your internal and brand values.

So our first job is to agree this with our clienmst and then work with them to align both their explicit and implicit drivers implicit .  We can then work at a values and beliefs level with their people to align behavaviour and develop capabilty.