Developing Managers and Leaders

By far and away most of our work in developing managers is bespoke to our clients. We believe that how a manager operates is unique to that business and should support the organisations culture. So our starting point is always to ask what outcomes are you looking for? How do you want your managers to behave, to manage others and what impact do you want them to have.

Our development interventions most often come in three elements:

  1. Pre Learning Event. This phase seeks to engage managers in their learning journey by encouraging them to self determine where they are now. It also often comes with some knowledge development delivered through self directed learning
  2. The Learning Event. Thought provoking, fun and challenging are the words most often used to describe our learning events. They are always designed to engage participants at a values and beliefs level and are highly experiential. We facilitate learning rather than train and our use of actor/coaches always proves to be the cream on the top.
  3. Post Learning Activity. One of the problems with ‘training’ is that people simply revert to type once they get back to the coalface. Time, the pressure of delivering work and results can get in the way of people practicing newly learned skills. The desire not to make mistakes (and in doing so learn!) stops new behaviours becoming embedded and being the new norm. We like to work with clients in order to support managers through this process by offering structured post course learning and personal reflection time.

We deliver a wide range of in-house leadership and management development programmes including:

  • Liberating the Leader in You
  • Managing People
  • Managing Performance (without the ‘crutch’ of targets, commissions and league
  • tables and applying modern behavioural science)
  • Managing the (Company) Way
  • Manager as Coach
  • Managing Talent
  • Mind Matters (managing our motivational state and improving personal resilience)
  • Managing Sales
  • Presentation Skills
  • Project Management (for dummies)

In addition we offer a range of executive coaches to support the individual development of senior managers and leaders.

We are also very excited to now offer our first open programme (link to Liberating the Leader in You)