Who We Do It For

The Funding Circle

We were recommended to Funding Circle by Just-Eat and first started working with them to help scale their sales function at the beggining of 2013.  Since our inital consultancy we have developed and delivered management training across the UK and Europe, provided executive coaching, worked with the US business to help them scale their sales function, delivered Funding Circle's first ever worldwide leadership team event, helped kickstart the culture in Europe and train their sales and sales management teams in order to help them achive their growtrh targets.  From small acorns grow oaks trees as they say and Funding Circle is now considered a 'Unicorn' in the UK.  

"Terry is a fantastic facilitator whose passion, positive outlook and commercial approach have been a significant factor in helping us to maximise our growth. His clarity of thought and ability to quickly get to the heart of a problem is second to none and his resulting insights are thoughtful, considered and constructively delivered to challenge and push you to greater heights. He is a delight to work with and the only reservation I have in recommending Terry is that I will have to share him with others."

Pam Burton Chief Operating Officer