Who We Do It For


We have a long and valued relationship with JTI. We have worked with them from their origins as Gallaher through their transition to JTI for over 15 years now. During that time we have worked extensively with the U.K business supporting them in Senior Team Facilitation, Executive Coaching and a wide range of Management Development. The ‘Growing Together Live programme first delivered in 2013 launched new organisational values and an updated annual appraisal process (Dialogue). The programme was a major success and supported business’s successful IIP Gold Award. Word got out and as a result we have since worked across the globe with the leadership and management teams from R&D (Geneva, Trier & Vienna), Business Services (Manchester, St Petersburg & Kuala Lumpur), Americas, Sweden, CIS, Italy, Hungary as well as the Western and Central Europe Regions delivering Executive Team Workshops, Leadership Development and Management Training.

"Successful professionals tend to be demanding and are quick to spot weakness in any argument. Terry and his team demonstrated high level of intellectual credibility and well-developed cultural sensitivity, instrumental to the success of our development initiatives. I have worked with Terry-Russell Ltd. since 2014. The programs designed for us had a significant beneficial impact on the cultural development of the organization. It helped increase the level of professionalism across various levels of R&D function."

Daniela Argirova Regional HR Director



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