Who We Do It For


We first started working with Outbrain in early 2015 when once again they were recommended to us by https://www.indexventures.com to support them in scaling their sales operation and developing their sales management capability. A successful restructure and the appointment of a new sales director led us into discussions about the wider culture and the management of performance of the business. Following a workshop with the leadership team to establish best practice management behaviour we delivered an innovative and engaging management development programme to all managers across Europe to great applause.

"Terry came very highly recommended to Outbrain and I'm delighted to say that he and his team have lived up to expectations. He has completed a couple of pieces of work for Outbrain, including conducting a "deep dive" into the sales team and processes, which he delivered personally in an efficient and sensitive manner and the design and delivery of management training for all of Outbrain's people managers across Europe. The team Terry assigned to deliver and facilitate the training received amazing feedback and provided a memorable and long lasting learning intervention. The inclusion of actor/coaches was particularly effective at bringing the learning to life."

Lindsey Dale | HR Consultant, Europe


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