Developing High Performance Teams

In many ways developing high performing teams can said to be the signature dish of our founder Terry Russell. Terry has developed an approach and methodology to developing senior teams that is a unique, insightful and empowering process.


  • Get clarity on their purpose, why they operate as well as their measurable outcomes and key leadership challenges (the things they need to stop, start and continue doing) in order to realise their strategic objectives.
  • Gain a genuine understanding and appreciation of the strengths and weakness of the team enabling them to develop as team in order to lead the business as effective role models.
  • Develop a deep sense of trust by getting to know and understand each other at a profound and meaningful level.

The teams’ precise needs are determined in the Discovery stage where an online survey and one to one interviews uncover where the team is now. These needs are integrated into the team development process and a tailored format designed and delivered sensitive to the wants of the collective. An initial event usually takes place over two days with follow up events agreed as required.

Growing into a high performing team isn’t for the faint hearted. The journey is challenging, emotional and not for everyone. It is also uplifting, inspiring and incredibly valuable.