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Rightmove are our oldest client, an odd claim for one of the very earliest success stories from the world of techcrunch. In 2001 Rightmove consisted of 12 people working in pretty grotty offices in Leighton Buzzard. The original start up led by John Hunter from Countrywide moved into its early rapid growth stage under the leadership of Ed Williams. We worked with Ed and his executive bringing them together into one of the ‘tightest’ teams we have enjoyed working with. As Rightmove grew we helped them develop their sales and sales leadership capability, trained their managers in how to coach, develop and performance manage. Its fair to say though the work we are remembered for most of all was for what became known simply as Hexton. This full week long, highly experiential, emotional and engaging event was for everyone working at or joining the business bringing meaning to what it meant to be a Rightmover. To this day Ed is convinced the businesses investment in this fantastic Culture Engagement Programme was at the heart of Rightmove’s sucesss. Their current market cap is £3.8bn.

"Terry-Russell Ltd has worked with Rightmove over the last decade in two areas: senior management team building, including overall business strategy and objective setting, and sales force training and development.

Since Rightmove’s founding just over a decade ago there will be fewer than a handful of people or suppliers we have worked with throughout and who have made a real difference to the success of the business. Terry is undoubtedly one of those very few people.

I know he feels a part of the Rightmove success story and he has every right to feel that. He played a central role in the formation of the initial management team, the setting of our standards of how we wish to work together and the type of company we want to be.

Internally we put a lot of the success of Rightmove down to these ways of working and they form a central part of our recruitment process and how we develop our people. People who deal with Rightmove frequently point to there being a Rightmove type of person and way of doing things.

Terry-Russell Ltd has been instrumental in helping us develop and maintain the Rightmove culture. Their approach is completely dedicated to and on improving performance of the business through improving the performance of the individual people and particularly how they work together.

While keeping the goal clearly in mind at all times they bring a range of techniques and styles to any issue or problem. Terry and his team have the professionalism, self-awareness and confidence to point out that the underlying cause of an issue may not be what management think it is. Indeed there have been instances of him in effect turning down opportunities to work with us in the short term because the right solution may be lie in a different type of solution.

Terry-Russell Ltd are effective and comfortable across the complete spectrum of personal and team development from challenging a group head on about its performance and behaviours through to individual and discrete coaching providing people with space to reflect and consider. Terry and the team can operate as the leader or project manager of a programme or as a fly-on-the-wall coach as the circumstances dictate.

I have always found working with Terry and his team exciting and challenging – and definitely not for the faint hearted. But having worked with them over ten years in a range of situations there is absolutely nothing formulaic about their approach as there so often is with trainers or motivational team builders. They bring the complete toolkit to the job.

Maybe one of the biggest tributes to Terry-Russell Ltd has been the fact that in recent months he has been working with us on the building of a new management team, the result of a recent growth in the number of senior managers we need as the business grows rapidly. The person responsible for asking Terry to help him in doing this was not one of the original Rightmove management team. In this way Terry and his team have done what few coaches and management development experts do, which is to be someone that is trusted and respected across an organisation rather than simply benefiting from the internal sponsorship of one senior executive."

Ed Williams, Managing Director, rightmove.co.uk


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